We offer an initial no-obligation free of charge consultation to:

  • Listen to what you and your business requires

  • Provide initial observations should you be unsure of the true cause of a problem

  • Give an overview of the steps needed to develop your offer up to the next level

  • Offer advice for a live situation that needs solving or changing

  • Following this initial discussion and observation we will provide a bespoke support proposal that is tailored to your specific situation.

  • We are a fully independent consultancy which provides unbiased advice to help each of our clients succeed in their market.

Please contact us to arrange a free no obligation initial meeting.

Business & Leisure

Our support

Experienced observations + Bespoke solutions


Manageable steps to achieve positive ongoing results

We not only provide simple solutions to problems or inject knowledge where needed but more importantly we get directly involved, building professional relationships with you and your team, driving curiosity to get the best from the existing knowledge, and taking a humble approach to problem solving:

  • We will only recommend a solution that we are prepared to do ourselves, and we will do the work hands-on if you need us to.

  • We will only put forward options, not single routes unless a legislation requirement, so you can choose freely, with the flexibility to either complete actions yourself or with our assistance.

  • We will work with you to take your business and team to new levels of operating.

  • We implement trusted solutions fine-tuned to your needs.

  • We help influence leaders' to get things signed off or investment raised.

  • We ‘sell’ solutions and ideas to create project task ownership.

  • We coach you and your team to define your business, injecting options to retain flexibility to meet operational and customer demands.

  • We can show you how to ask the right questions, listen and act on feedback beneficently.

Our focus

Our knowledge

ISCC work with a range of cross sector businesses to help develop and enhance the service and offer.  Our support portfolio is always bespoke matching your needs, some of the areas we can help with include…

Seasonal Planning – Making effective use of resources across high and low seasons

New Concepts & Trend Analysis – Market trends and new product testing with forecasting for best results

Back of House Review – Audits looking at equipment, space and skills to ensure they match the offer that is to be produced. What is the maximum efficiency and plan when to employ for expansion.

Strategic Development – What is next? and longer term 5 year plans, looking at investments vs profit.

Purchasing Review – Finding the best products at the best prices. Ensuring you maximise your profit whilst maintaining quality.

Management Development – Coaching or mentoring, for senior positions within the company to develop opportunities and individuals.

Marketing Reviews – Current focuses, strategies and performance

Competitor Analysis and Selling Price Benchmarking – Reviews of local and national competition. Competitor tasting days out in the highstreet.

Craft development – Craft based training based on; cooking techniques, presentation and modern technology this can be ‘classroom’ or live at location, one to one.

Problem Solving – Creating brand standards to overcome inconsistencies. Adding controls to accurately capture your revenue. Overcoming customer complaints or reduction of regular business levels. Improving online profiles and reviews. Increasing turnover to match your needs. Breaking through the production ‘ceiling’ so you can increase your output.

Catering Consultancy

Cleaning and Housekeeping consultancy

ISCC Expert Design & Food Procurement support

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We offer a wide range of services,

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