Additional design services…

Our experienced team can support in many ways, various other services to complete your small or large project are listed below:

​22.    Investment justification/challenge: benefits, pros and cons
23.    Installation tender management, bespoke service
24.        or E-tender management via the unique ISCC tender portal
25.    Main contractor tender support
26.    RFI form or guideline production
27.    Fabrication drawing approvals
28.    Final sign off on behalf of client
29.    Independent snagging list and snag management
30.    Preliminary programme’s incorporating appointment of CEC to a project and main contractor requirements
31.    BREAAM analysis
32.    Online document portal monitoring and compliance
33.    Asset assessment and register production with long term investment plan
34.    Master planning and campus logistics for catering services
35.    Light equipment volume calculations and styling
36.    Innovations to improve food production and service methodology
37.    Ventilation, extraction, drainage and M&E
38.    All RIBA stages
39.    N12 building specification
40.    Pre project budgeting
41.    Benchmarking and market pricing
42.    One off or multiple meeting attendance
43.    Remote independent review of third party plans or proposals
44.    Food waste and recycling
45.    Temporary facilities during works or following  a crisis
46.    Maximising space and efficiency
47.    Maximising existing equipment technology and  capacity
48.    Catering Consultancy: benchmarking, review and change management
49.    Launch support/handholding after refurbishment or technology change
50.    Liaise with your local Environmental Health Officer
51.    …This list is long but not exhaustive, do please get in touch if you need assistance not found here, we are flexible to your needs


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