Food focused Support

Introducing the ISCC food focused support programme for Independent Schools that self-manage their catering.


With increasing pressures on Schools to deliver a top-quality catering experiences ISCC have created a Food focused support program to provide insights, experiences, workshops, and pupil activities to help drive innovation and learning.

Chef Workshops

Option 1

Bespoke on-site training day for the whole team.

Option 2

ISCC Workshop Days Locations & dates TBC (North and South)


Added value

  • Pupil Workshops

  • Food safari

  • Chef workshops

  • High street concept day


Value Retainer

6 days to include:

  • 2 pupil Workshops

  • 1 High Street concept day

  • 2x ISCC Chef workshops

  • 1x Food Safari

  • 1 x Food Safari follow up day


A range of ‘let’s get cooking’ Chef demonstrations and creative workshops for prep aged pupils

High Street Concept days

A bespoke Full day support to deliver a high street offer to your dining room

With various concepts choose from.


Sushi - Get creative with a hands-on experience get to know your Maki from your Uramaki

Bread - Interactive session, loves, focaccia, flatbreads and more

Pasta - Learn to make, roll, and shape your own fresh egg pasta

Eat the Rainbow – How many colours can we eat fun interactive session

How we taste - An exciting interactive session that introduces pupils to the 5 main flavours - Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter & Umami