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ISCC Catering Consultancy, ISCC Cleaning Support, ISCC Kitchen Design, ISCC Food Procurement support
ISCC RESTAURANT DESIGN ISCC Catering Consultancy, ISCC Cleaning Support, ISCC Kitchen Design, ISCC Food Procurement support

We are flexible and can fit to your timescale, or follow the RIBA Stages as detailed below:



Using initial sketch designs we can quickly and affordably provide a width of options for you to see the potential of your space and some variations such as refurbishment or extension or new build?

This gives you the broadest perspective whilst saving you time and money on fine detailed technical drawings.

As part of the process we work with your end user team and key stakeholders to gain early buy in and investment justification.



Remaining close to your key stakeholders and end user team we prepare a brief that focuses on achieving your aims and importantly overcoming any problems. Defining this early in the project saves expensive changes later on.


In response to the aims within the brief we evolve the target design but critically continue to refine the brief whilst injecting our own recommendations to ensure elements of multiple use or flexibility to ensure longevity for the end users. Without this design consultancy we often see old technology reintroduced into new space and problems unsolved, wasting an often large investment and rare opportunity.

We also prepare an early benchmark to ensure the design is within budget avoiding unexpected increases post tender response or receipt of formal quotes.



Through this stage we detail the equipment and services ready for planning if required. We will also create and then check specification for tendering and bids received which will ensure like for like quotes are considered. Often, when un-checked, alternative manufacturers or lower specification items can be used within bids leading to apparent lower pricing when actually you would receive less than expected. Our management process and tender evaluation removes this concern and ensures you are selecting preferred suppliers based on a true like-for-like comparison.



Attending site meetings and checking progress of works during the construction stage we can assist with problem solving, ensure compliance to specification and assist with problem solving to help maintain the pace of your project and ultimately saving time and avoid wasted investment.


On your behalf we can sign off the catering elements of the project after checking completion and producing a snagging list. Following handover we will continue to manage the related snagging until closeout allowing you to enjoy your space and focus on the user and customer experience.

We also provide live, hands on mobilisation support to assist your team in the initial setup, and go live periods often the busiest time within the space as users get used to new processes and equipment.

This unique service offer is one of our most popular commissions and highlights how we are sufficiently experienced and confident in our designs to help work in them ourselves.

Some would say “putting our money where our mouth is”



Following a brief period of settling in we can review the use of the space and fine-tune operational practices to ensure the users are maximising on the new technology provided and not falling back into old habits. This ensures you get the full value of your investment.

Post completion we remain available to assist with maintenance queries and warranties providing ongoing technical knowledge.

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ISCC Catering Consultancy, ISCC Cleaning Support, ISCC Kitchen Design, ISCC Food Procurement support

Our Design


ISCC have worked with a wide range of clients designing their catering facilities.


Whether just a simple equipment replacement or a completely new kitchen, dining room or servery area, we can apply our considerable knowledge and expertise to ensure that your investment achieves its desired goal.


We offer an exclusive service to meet your specific requirements based around timescale, budget and value for money.

Design, design concept, detail design, installation documentation, floor planning, design advice, Design Benchmarking, cleaning outsource support, cleaning self-managed support, cleaning reviews, cleaning tender support, cleaning staff training, coshh regulations

Catering Consultancy

Cleaning and Housekeeping consultancy

ISCC Expert Design & Food Procurement support

ISCC Catering Consultancy, ISCC Cleaning Support, ISCC Kitchen Design, ISCC Food Procurement support

Support Portfolio

The ISCC design team have considerable experience in designing every element of a catering outlet, from walk-in fridges and freezers to wall coverings, chef passes, shop-fitted servery counters and even tables and chairs and dining room floor coverings.

We can provide support ranging from design only, for you to then take to market, to creating your design and then formally tendering the works on your behalf with three or four design houses of your choice.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss any areas outside of our more common commissions that you feel might benefit from our support.