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ISCC ‘started life’ working exclusively in the Independent School sector back in 2007 and have unrivalled experience and knowledge of this sector. We have worked with over three hundred and fifty UK Independent Schools nationally and there are few ‘challenges’ that we haven’t experienced or helped to rectify. We have worked across all sectors; boys, girls and co-educational schools, large and small boarding and day schools and schools with complex house dining arrangements and even schools who have a delivered lunch.

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ISCC work with a growing number of individual state schools and academies and provide a wide range of support, from formally tendering catering services through to monitoring financial performance and auditing culinary standards.

We provide support to schools that either outsource the management of their catering services or self-manage their own catering.

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Our ten strong team of consultants all have previous experience in the University and FE College sectors. We have worked with some of the UKs largest Universities as well as having supported many Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.

Our support is available to both outsourced and

self-managed catering outlets.

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Multi-Academy Trusts

ISCC work with a number of Multi Academy Trusts who between them have over fifty Primary and Senior Schools. We provide both Head Office and school based support, either auditing or reviewing their catering providers, or if self-managed supporting the on-site catering team from everything from finance to culinary training and creating menus.

We are also engaged by these Trusts to manage their competitive tenders for both their catering and cleaning services.

Please do contact us to arrange a free no obligation introductory meeting.

Catering Consultancy

Cleaning and Housekeeping consultancy

ISCC Expert Design & Food Procurement support

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